About Kevin Sean Ryan

Kevin is currently studying acting at Benjy Dobrin Studios, is a skilled guitarist and singer and enjoys playing guitar on the porch in the evening and writing songs. Kevin truly believes he can make a positive impact in the world through acting and music. In his spare time Kevin enjoys spending time with his German Shepherd, Rapunzel.
3 06, 2012

Teddy Boy week 2

By |2013-11-06T11:54:50-06:00June 3rd, 2012|Acting 411|0 Comments

Wow! Lots of good things happening while filming Teddy Boy. My fellow co-stars, Danielle Prall and Joey Bicicchi are awesome talents. This film will be something special. Sean has a vision for this film and Kuba's cinematography will be awe-inspiring. Can't wait for you to see it. Off to Grand Lake for some more grief ridden cat and mouse games. [...]

7 04, 2012

Cast in Teddy Boy!

By |2013-11-06T11:50:52-06:00April 7th, 2012|Acting 411|0 Comments

OK, the cat, I mean the mountain lion is out of the bag. I am really proud to announce that I have been cast in the independent feature film "Teddy Boy". This film will be produced by Sean Jourdan and Meryem Ersoz. Sean also wrote the screenplay and will direct. The screenplay has received lots of attention and centers on [...]