13 10, 2010

Great Things Happening

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Wow, great things have been happening acting wise. First, Passages has been submitted to the Edgemar Short Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA, I am extremely hopeful that it will make the cut. Celebrity judges are Susan Sarandon, John Singleton (Boyz in the Hood), and casting director Randi Hiller (Iron Man II) to name a few. I also have been [...]

5 04, 2010


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Hi. I am proud to announce that I have been cast as Joe Stedt in the feature film Shamshara. Avenstar Productions and Simple Happy, LLC are currently in production for this independent feature filming in the Denver/Boulder area. Shamshara is a spiritual film, but much more. Imagine The Way of the Peaceful Warrior meets What the Bleep Do We Know. [...]

22 03, 2010


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Hi all and welcome to my blog. About a year and a half ago I was meeting with my acting coach Benjy Dobrin. He was encouraging me to write my own scenes for class. I believe this brings real truth to acting because, at least for me, when I write, it is mostly about my own experiences. So I wrote [...]