Lately, I have been seeing a few film projects that really seem worthwhile. I decided, as I have in the past, to donate some funds to help these projects get off the ground. The latest two were pretty cool. First there is “The Spirit of Love”, the Story of Mike “Stinger” Glenn, a pro basketball player who is an inspiration to us all. Check out It is being produced an directed by my good friend Darla Rae. Second is KC Kelly’s “Namaste”. It is the story of a young man who overcomes a traumatic brain injury, complete hearing loss and triumphs in the world of music. I heard about this through a friend, Matt Anderson, and although I did not know Kelly, I decided to help fund the project with a small donation mainly because I am a believer in the use of music for healing. There are several other projects I helped with minor donations, because I either believe in the project, or the person who is behind it. Making art is difficult in this day and age and anyone who does it needs funds. I truly believe that what goes around, comes around. So, if anyone who reads this sees a worthwhile project, give a few bucks even if you don’t know them, because you never know what good karma may come your way.